On this page, you’ll find clear and easy-to-read instructions for correctly disposing of different packaging components, a topic that is becoming increasingly relevant to our everyday shopping choices.

As a company, we are committed to reducing packaging as well as considering alternative raw materials to make our products and packing materials.

We made the decision to add environmental labelling on how to recycle our packaging even before Italian Legislative Decree 116/2020 came into effect. Today, we are simplifying the process with the table below, which shows you how to dispose of different packaging components by simply scanning the QR code on the back of the packaging of every item.

For every type of packaging, each identified by a reference image and a description, the table indicates the type of material it is made of and its European classification in accordance with Decision 97/129/EC, and with instructions valid only for the French market (in the second table, you’ll find the specific instructions for disposing of products as required in this market, currently the strictest in this regard). In any case, we would like to remind you:

  • NEVER to dump products or packaging in the environment;
  • To correctly separate and split up the various materials that make up the packaging;
  • To reduce the volume of packaging before throwing it away, if possible;
  • To check the rules for rubbish disposal in your area.

* Decision 97/129/EC.