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Sterilise your smartphone with the Multi-function UV Light Sanitiser by Legami.
The steriliser uses Ultra-Violet light to disinfect your devices and accessories with 99% efficiency: smartphones, watches, keys but small objects too.
The sterilisation process takes 15 minutes thanks to the 9 Led UV lights located inside. The steriliser emits UV rays that simultaneously disinfect both the top and bottom of objects.
- With the aromatherapy function, you can also freshen up the object you are sterilising with your favourite essence*.
- Internal sterilisation area: 20.3x10.8x2.4cm
- Plug it in to the mains with the cable provided

*Essential oil not included. Add up to 6 drops of natural essential oil or other non-corrosive liquids to the oil compartment to avoid damaging the product.

Read the USER MANUAL to learn more.

  • Alimentazione: USB
  • Made in: CN
  • Material: ABS
  • Height (mm): 45
  • Weight (mg): 3360000
  • Width (mm): 220
  • Depth (mm): 127
  • Product Promo Labels: New in


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