Legami For Life is a campaign aimed at providing aid and support to volunteer associations operating without any racial, religious, philosophical or political bias and which come to the aid of anyone living in an emergency situation.
Unicef, Cesvi, Spazio Prevenzione Onlus are a few of the partners we believe in and who we actively support - both economically and in the field. Legami is a way of life.

This is the sixth consecutive year that Legami and Cesvi work together in support of the Casa del Sorriso (House of Smiles) in Cape Town, in South Africa.
The House is situated in the centre of the Philippi township and is an integral part of a social mobilization campaign for the rights of women and children and for the promotion of artistic activities by young people. Art, music and entertainment are actually used by the young people of Philippi to promote a culture of non-violence and raise the awareness of their peers regarding Aids and its prevention.
As in past years, the sale of LEGAMI ‘s 2020 calendars provides a concrete contribution to the creation of hope in those needing it most: the Philippi mothers struggling to free themselves from domestic violence and their children and young people seeking an alternative to a life on the street. The peaceful and protected environment gives the township women the chance to receive medical and psychological aid, professional training, the chance to start a job and treatment for their children. The children express themselves through art and are able to create important messages, thereby laying the foundation for a new Aids- and violence-free generation. For more information read the account of the project here.
The Legami 2020 calendars will be available from the 1st of July in all of Italy’s best bookstores and in all authorized Legami sales outlets.

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