Legami is strongly committed to ethical and sustainable business practices. A moral and ethical obligation for us, they are an essential part of our values. Legami interprets CSR (Corporative Social Responsibility) as continually striving to raise minimum health, safety and environmental protection standards, not just at our sales outlets but also among our suppliers.
We believe that high Corporative Social Responsibility standards in any enterprise are an essential ingredient for the development of a sustainable, modern and competitive business.
Legami has its own Code of Ethics. A “Constitutional Charter” defines the moral rights and duties that lie at the basis of the ethical and social responsibilities which must be respected by any person working within an entrepreneurial organization and which have always inspired our business activities ; Our Code of Ethical Standards is as follows: Moral legitimacy; Fairness and equality ; Protection of individual human rights; Diligence; Transparency; Honesty ; Confidentiality; Impartiality; Environmental protection; Health protection Legami does not accept or support the use of child labour. All our production processes and production chains are certified at their origin. Our investment in certification is not limited to that of a by-stander. It means we are actively involved in protecting our environment and our world. We believe in the decisions we take and that the time for talking is over.
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